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Steve Bellone has been a fiscal disaster for Suffolk County.

As County Executive, Steve Bellone raised our taxes and fees by over $200 MILLION, increased county spending to a record $3 BILLION -- including over $1 BILLION in payroll -- increased our debt to over $2 BILLION, and raided our Sewer Stabilization Fund by $171 MILLION to balance his budget!

As a result of Bellone's fiscal mismanagement, Suffolk County has declared 7 fiscal emergencies and received 7 bond downgrades. Suffolk County is now issuing JUNK BONDS!

In Bellone's first year in office, the total County Tax Warrant was $532,765,964, for an average tax bill of $972.83 per homeowner.

Today, the total County Tax Warrant is $652,108,093, for an average tax bill of $1,174.19 per homeowner

Meaning, Steve Bellone increased the overall county tax levy by $119,342,129, or 22.4%

Homeowners saw an average property tax increase of $201.36, or 20.69%.

Increased Taxes

  • Camping fees
  • Fishing fees
  • Hunting fees
  • Vehicle use/parking fees
  • Special group event fees
  • Recreational permit fees

Big Fee Increases

Instead of using the money to protect our water resources, sewers, and beaches, Bellone used the money to balance his budget and pay for wasteful spending and patronage jobs for his political allies. Now he’s refusing to return the money!

FACT: Steve Bellone raided the Sewer Stabilization Fund by $171 MILLION to balance his budget.

Under Steve Bellone, Suffolk County has received 7 credit rating downgrades, and Moody’s has dropped the county’s credit rating down to Junk Bond status, which has resulted in higher interest rates, which means higher property taxes.

FACT: Suffolk County has received 7 Bond Rating Downgrades and is now considered JUNK BOND STATUS.

FACT: Since coming into office, Steve Bellone has raised taxes and fees by over $200 MILLION.


When Steve Bellone entered office, the overall budget was $2.72 BILLION. Today is it $3.11 BILLION.

FACT: Steve Bellone Increased County Spending to a record $3 BILLION.

Despite the fact that the number of people on the county payroll has decreased, the payroll itself has INCREASED by over $100 Million, topping $1 BILLION.


Today, there are 16,000 less residents than when Steve Bellone entered office, and yet county government costs more and taxes have increased on those remaining here.

FACT: Suffolk County is losing population.

  • Tax map number verification fee
  • Mortgage recording fees
  • Home/business burglar alarm fees
  • Red light camera fees
  • Shopping bag fees
  • Pet grooming fees
  • DMV registration fees

Ridiculous New Fees

Shoveling Steve Bellone has been shoveling' a line of      DUNG      to Suffolk County Taxpayers. 

He claims he hasn't raised taxes. But he raised taxes and fees by over $200 million.

He claims he cut the workforce and didn't take a pay raise. But payroll topped $1 billion for the first time ever!

He claims he has protected our environment. But he raided $171 million from the Sewer Stabilization Fund, leaving us with hazardous water and closed beaches.

Don't believe us? Read more.

Shovelin' Steve

Democrat State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has announced that for the second year in a row, Suffolk is the most "Fiscally Stressed" County in all of New York State. So, despite Steve Bellone's claims to the contrary... Comptroller DiNapoli confirms what we all know to be true... Suffolk County is a fiscal disaster!

Read more below about the truth of Steve Bellone's record.

When Steve Bellone became County Executive, his wife, Tracey, was the Deputy County Parks Commissioner. He immediately fired her boss, elevating his wife to the position of "Acting Commissioner", with all of the perks that come with that position. Even Newsday's Editorial Board took a shot at him for the conflict.

During his time as County Executive, his wife remained on the public dole, bringing home over a half-a-million dollars in taxpayer money.